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About Us

“Every child is a unique gift from God, made in His image and likeness, and possesses an inherent dignity, goodness, and potential for discovery, learning and growth.”

Children are full of wonder and are ready for a balanced, holistic, and age-appropriate educational experience, which includes spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and physical growth. Their God-given imaginations and contemplative minds are eager for stimulation.

As long as our program can accommodate their needs, we accept all children without regard to race, national origin, academic, or physical ability. While all individuals possess strengths and weaknesses in all areas of development, a rich variety of activities and experiences will challenge and encourage children to develop at their own pace. By nature, children are social beings and valuable members of the community. In a warm, caring, risk-free and nurturing environment, they can be encouraged to develop a positive image of themselves and respect for others.

We believe that parents are the primary teachers of their pre-school children and entrust them to our loving care. Accordingly, the family is an integral part of our pre-school community, where interaction between parents, teachers and administrators is considered an essential element. Early childhood years are a gift of time, which will enable the children to experience the joy of being created and uniquely gifted by a loving Father.