35 Norfield Rd, Weston, CT 06883 * (203)454-8646

Emergency Information


In case of inclement weather, the school will be closed or delayed per the Weston Board of Education.

If the Weston Public Schools have a delayed opening due to inclement weather we will open at 10:30A.M.

If they close early due to inclement weather Saint Francis of Assisi Preschool will cancel after school activities and close at 12:00P.M.

Announcements are made on local radio and television stations or you can call the Weston Public School Hotline 291-1463.

The Director and head teacher will remain until all students are picked up. The school does not delay otherwise. Please be sure we have all home, business and cell phone numbers on file.

Weather Emergency

In a weather emergency that reaches a crisis situation, such as flooding or a tornado watch, all the children and faculty will gather together in the one space which will be the Ministry Room. This is large enough to accommodate all of us, has a sink and is close to a bathroom. All staff will stay until every child has been picked up.

Fire, Disaster and Evacuation

Exit signs are posted. A monthly fire drill will be conducted throughout the school and documented in a log. In case of a fire or other on-site disaster, staff and students will evacuate the building to a designated safe area in back of the playground, away from the building. If the fire department clears the building as safe, students and staff can enter. If it is unsafe, students will be driven by staff and other emergency personnel to the Weston Library on Norfield Road and parents will be contacted to pick up there.

Saint Francis of Assisi Preschool is linked to the Town of Weston Emergency Operations Plan. In case of evacuation, the school will be assisted by local police and fire departments to a designated fallout shelter. Parents will be contacted via phone once the students are safely delivered to the shelter.