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Our Philosophy

St. Francis of Assisi Preschool’s philosophy is built on the foundational belief that each child is made in the image and likeness of God and as such, has an inherent goodness and dignity by nature.

In partnership with parents, children’s first teachers, we plan to foster each child’s social, physical, cognitive, spiritual, and emotional growth by providing developmentally appropriate experiences and opportunities.

St. Francis Preschool seeks to provide a judiciously balanced experience that includes both play and age appropriate academics. We believe children must be challenged to grow, be stimulated and given time for thoughtful reflection, be drawn into active membership of a group and encouraged to pursue areas of individual interest.

Our preschool aims to extend children’s education by inviting them to see themselves as valuable members of a community. This community supports their self-discovery while also fostering self-discipline, and a sense of empathy and respect for others. The children will also be invited to become aware of the larger world community and to respect all of God’s creation.

What we are all about

    • Maintaining a program that welcomes and considers each individual child and their family needs.
    • Being part of a community big and small
    • Creating curriculum that is academically sound yet developmentally balanced.
    • Learning opportunities are integrated into important “play” time and multi sensory experiences.
    • Small class sizes for flexibility and a more individualized mode of instruction.
    • After school enrichment programs designed to mirror the interest of preschool aged children.
    • A program designed to strengthen the spiritual nature of our faith and the core value of character.
    • Child portfolio documentation of your child’s progress and development, which is shared at conference times and built upon throughout their years at Saint Francis of Assisi Preschool.
    • Parent Coffee’s – Free workshops for parents and information sharing events.
    • A music, Spanish and creative movement educator.