35 Norfield Rd, Weston, CT 06883 * (203)454-8646


When does the application process start? The application process starts for “In-House” families the first week in November. Once currently enrolled children are placed, we enroll  siblings and alumni. Then we begin new family registration.  We begin this process early so that we can better predict our classroom and staffing needs for the following year to come.

Are the payments broken up throughout the year? Yes,  at the time of registration a $500 deposit is collected to reserve your spot.  The payments then are broken up into three collections.  First collection begins in February, second, in May, and the third is collected in September.

What after school programs do you have? Our program runs from 9:00- 12:00 with an option to enroll in the afterschool programs from 12:00 to 1:55.  Mon-Thurs.  This is open to the Three’s and the Four’s class.

What towns are families from?  SFA pulls from all local towns such as Weston, Wilton, Westport, Norwalk and Fairfield.

How do I arrange a tour? You can reach us at SFA at 203-454-8646 or contact us at lwoodson@sfapreschool.com.  We are happy to give you a tour and a glimpse into our day at any time between 9:20-11:40. Mon-Fri.

What Calendar year do you follow? SFA follows the Weston Public School’s calendar year.

How can I begin the admission process?  Simply call us at 203-454-8646 to arrange a visit and we will meet with you to go over the process and paperwork necessary for enrollment.