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Learning to investigate

Investigating  and asking questions is a crucial part of the foundations of learning.  How can we build on knowledge if we do not know how to focus our questions and ideas from prior findings?  How can we understand if we can’t learn to explain our findings?  How do we apply our knowledge if we don’t recreate our findings?  How do we analyse what we have learn if we do not deconstruct or compare?  How do we evaluate information if we do not learn to check and experiment?  And,  how do we generate new ideas or view points, if we do not learn to produce, invent, construct or design from knowledge gained.

At SFA  this process of constructing learning comes from Bloom’s Taxonomy which describes what children can do as a result of their learning process and guides teachers in building their curriculum.DSC00743 Each child has interest and prior knowledge,  by integrating that into daily experiences, children can gain the needed knowledge and teachers can individualize their instruction.


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