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Four’s Program

042The Four’s Preschool Program

Our four’s program has a curriculum that considers the individual differences of development among children.  The developmental stages of a child, being their physical, emotional, social, mental, cognitive and spiritual are all interrelated. These inter-related domains, along with individual skill levels, are all considered as each teacher intentionally plans.

Our program designs a meaningful curriculum that encompasses the pre-reading and pre-math skill sets necessary for the children’s future success.

The children interact and explore the curriculum concepts in a way that stimulates and connects their natural curiosity.  The process and experiences that the children participate in are balanced between teacher-directed and child-initiated and are organized to prepare and develop their future.

Daily prayer is an integral part of the preschool curriculum, as well as, simple interactive  songs that convey the basic message that God loves them and they are wonderfully made. Christian values and character is promoted and encouraged as children move through their day at school.