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Two’s Program- Bright Beginning

Our Two’s program ” Bright Beginnings” 

Our program is  designed to introduce children to a social environment which is structured to build confidence and develop learning skills through play.

Our program fosters curiosity, exploration and language, so that children can communicate and contribute to their ever-growing social circles.  

We celebrate the individual as well as help support families through the transitions of their child’s preschool years.

Our two-year old program encourages children to experience a wide variety of new experiences that help a child to move through their skill sets and  develop their innate abilities.  We  design a curriculum that considers each individual child’s interest, ability and helps strengthen their unique learning style.

Their day is designed to mirror the typical routine of a preschooler. Together they have play time, circle time, snack and outdoor play.  They engage in process art, which promotes creativity and natural discovery of materials and their interactions.  They grow as a group, learning, trusting  and experiencing  the world outside their  home.