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Three’s Program

Our Three’s program —

is specifically designed to help move the child from their discovery stage of two, into the next phases of learning.

The Three’s program is the stage of inquiry and growth, this is the magical year of their life!   They will continue to grow leaps and bounds in this year and they will reach their milestones at different rates.  This is a wonderful time to promote their interests and begin to understand their learning styles as they emerge.

Our program is designed to lead your child through developing the necessary skills  and knowledge that will build a strong learner and  promote a life long interest in the world around them.

The Three’s program promotes children’s  desire to discover independently.  They have a greater ability to stay focused and use persistence.  They  adapt more confidently and are eager to do things on their own.  Children are moving from observers to “interacters” and our program develops their curiosity through child-driven “project or curriculum ” direction.