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Project Approach learning

 Children become the investigators or as Mrs. Fleming, our Four’s teacher says,
“I call them my engineers, but tomorrow we could be scientists”


Project Approach learning is a term used to describe what we here at SFA Preschool have  been doing for years; helping children to explore, observe, ask questions, predict, and  integrate language and math skills into their  learning. This method of teaching helps to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills. It prepares the child to learn to work individually as well as collaboratively integrating their knowledge and findings to create a culminating “project” presentation.  The projects are derived from the children’s interest and through preparation work, the children learn to formulate questions,  seek answers and find and invite knowledge in, meaning, we seek experts in the fields to come and  share their knowledge.

Children learn to apply their prior knowledge and research new information.  These skills prepare them for the demands of their later educational experiences such as writing reports, note taking and execution of ideas  and independent projects.


We invite you to come visit our preschool, see firsthand what we have to offer and discover the benefits of early childhood education.


February 27, 2013 Project ApproachLearning
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