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What is STEAM in preschool?

015                        What is STEAM?


STEAM  is a reference to Curriculum concepts that many of our preschools have know about and developed  for years.  We know that children are curious by nature.  In fact, it is exactly that curiosity that we use to birth our lesson plans.  Because curiosity and wonder  is so natural and organic to children, it is crucial to support and encourage these those very building blocks of intellectual learning.   We as adults,just like children, learn best when we are exploring and that is what STEAM is all about, exploring in the  area of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


As we look at our world and the direction it is moving in, we see that the fields of progress and job demands are in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.  As we look into preschool education, these are exactly the concepts we already integrate heavily into our curriculum.  Our preschool is all about asking questions, exploring ideas and materials, observing the causes and effects and predicting the outcomes. The most important part is that all of this is done withing a world of play!

Take a look at some of the many ways we implement these core concepts . Every day is designed around  discovery they naturally can make on their own, or the discovery facilitate by careful planning and modeling.

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